Residential New Home Construction

Pomwell Ventures Inc. has built homes for many different families. We always take care of the people who purchase a Pomwell home.

We oversee the project from the get go and make sure the process is efficient and of the utmost quality. If a home owner is having a hard time getting a construction mortgage we, have an excellent pre-sale system whereby we can construct the home in Pomwell’s name and after a deposit is in place the contract is assigned to the purchaser.

Although Pomwell Ventures generally sells their homes privately, we open our doors to any buyers’ agents and negotiate mutually beneficial terms to make it worth the agents’ while. Our own professional contracts make the process easier when selling privately.

Home Renovations, Additions and Repairs

If the house is looking a little outdated or just interested in making an addition somewhere give us a call! We are happy to take a look at the work that needs to be done and let you know what it will take.

Pomwell Ventures has talented and experienced contractors. We know that we are consistently putting our reputation on the line which in return makes us execute jobs with precision and we leave with a positive impression.

Our contractors have experience with lots of custom tile whether it is doing a shower, stairs or floor.

Real Estate Investments

If you are wanting to make some passive income or get into a long-term investment, Pomwell Ventures is open to discuss joint venture options. We are capable of putting together the smart deals to get you into a safe a successful investment.

Pomwell Ventures can help you capitalize on opportunities that may otherwise be missed. We can give you in-depth details on how the investment will work and make the process simple for you. We can take the work out of your hands and make it our responsibility to find and monitor the right tenants, take deposits and arrange cleaning for the rental units.


Anything from replacing old shingles, repairs and new construction, we can take care of you. With the right amount of experience and work ethic we will get the job done in a timely manner.

Our roofing replacement procedure will start with one of our professionals coming out and taking measurements of the job so we can put a quote together. From there, we can arrange to get a dumpster on site and begin to remove the outdated shingles. After all debris is removed from the roof we will inspect the roof sheathing to make sure there are no soft spots or other concerning issues with the wood. In a few days Pomwell Ventures will have all your roof edge, ice and water shield, tar paper, shingles and vents installed and sealed.