Residential New Home Construction

Pomwell Ventures Inc. has built homes for many different families. We always take care of the people who purchase a Pomwell home. We oversee the project from the get go and make sure the process is efficient and holds the upmost quality.

Renovations, Additions & Repairs

If the house is looking a little outdated or just interested in making an addition somewhere give us a call! We are happy to take a look at the work that needs to be done and let you know what it will take.

Projects by Pomwell...


Why people choose and trust us.

Pomwell Ventures Inc. is a proud and ambitious building company, striving to create personable relationships with both our clients and contractors.

By providing a positive work environment, our team is able to move effectively and efficiently. As we respect ourselves, we respect others, allowing us to maintain integrity and quality in every piece of work that goes into a completed project.

At Pomwell Ventures, we stand behind every project and are always happy to provide references.

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